Cyber Security Job

Cyber Security – The skill in demand

The change in the work environment from office space to working from home at different remote locations due to the pandemic has made it endangered for cyber-attacks. About 52% of the firms in India are said to be impacted. This has raised the demand for cybersecurity by 18-20 % in the last couple of months as per one of the sources of digital data. One of the reports shared by Sophos- TRA IT analyst from a research and consulting firm and a cyber-security solution provider it’s said that companies which agreed that it was a serious attack were about 75% and the ones who took it more than a week to fix it were about 65%.

Most of the organizations have now amped up the spending on cybersecurity. The spending of the IT budget on cybersecurity grew to 26% in 2020 from 23% in 2019 for the medium and small scale. And it grew from 26 – 29% for large-scale organizations.

The need for cybersecurity is not only in the back office but with the rapid change in technology the cyber threats are also seen through IoT and many platforms where digital transactions are done. For threat hunting to be carried on 24*7 it requires highly skilled resources.

While it’s still reported that India has a shortage of skilled resources in cybersecurity we are also home to about 200 cybersecurity firms. The demand for cybersecurity has led the government and institutions to surge the efforts to address the gap in the skill.