Why Nobody Cares About Data Privacy – Cyber Attack

The world has reached a stage of the end of privacy. With the move of adaptation to e-commerce, the digital world has led to monitoring of every click. Be it a comment mentioned in public or private, revolutionary or benign all of it is subdued to an analysis by someone or the other across the globe. Which is an end to privacy.

 The move of technology to IoT (Internet of things) makes the network online where data is flown like electricity. Well, with AI, big data in place we know can imagine the power it holds. Irrespective of the sector, most of the firms have already got experience of it.

 The only solution is to move ahead stronger with proper authentication for all the activities and transactions with a multi-faceted system in place. Data breaches are nothing but cybersecurity attacks that whack the personal data and the privacy of the firm or an individual. A powerful cybersecurity policy helps in preventing the data from breaching and falling into the hands of a third party. Injection malware, phishing, spear phishing is some of the common forms of cyber-attacks observed.

Cyber-attack is not constrained to the size of the firm which most of us do not realize!!! As per one of the recent surveys, it’s said that 85% of small business owners believe that the firm is safe from any such breach. The gap of understanding is due to the belief that small firms are not the target for cyber-attacks. One of the studies by Symantec reported that 40% of the attacks are against a firm with less than 500 employees.

Let’s now take a look at some of the key signs to be aware of and principles to put in practice to secure data:

– To keep a check on unusual behavior and check the system for irregularities and report it to concerned authorities.

– Inspect dubious files. Reporting if any malware is detected.

– Analysis of communications system to keep a check on a pattern of the network to avoid any sign of compromise of data.

– To keep the antivirus updated without any delay. Fixing up any security risks by running the vulnerability programs.

– To keep a check on credit rating as it’s also the company data and only the data of the individual that is confidential on the server.

– Keep the Wi-Fi networks secure and hidden.

– Usage of the firewall for the internet connection.

– Limitation of access to data for employees and the authority of limit to install the software.

– Change of passwords on regular basis.

The FCC – federal communications commission has also provided a tool that helps in creating a cyber-security plan for small-sized firms.

It is also good to have cyber-liability insurance in place for the firm which helps the efforts of the business to recover in the event of cyber-attack. It not only provides financial support through investigation but also provides access to resources who are experts and also in the activities related to post recovery which is related to the event of a breach.