Mental Health – The Need of The Hour

Mental health – one of the kinds of experiences of mankind in an unlimited variation. The symptoms associated and the circumstances are varied and many. One of such common circumstances during the current situation is taking care of one’s mental health while working remotely. Working from home is convenient to an extent and saves time from travel. But, on the other side as per some of the surveys, it is also reported that many of them are encountering the feeling of isolation. Well, it could also lead to lowering down the motivation of one and the productive hours into tiredness.

One of the commonly observed issues is the feeling of isolation and loneliness. As most of us are used to the social aspect of chatting and sharing the issues/happiness of both personal and professional life. While it’s possible while remotely working through chat or a call but the companionship might not feel the same. The disconnect from colleagues and also the rest of the world might make one feel lonely which is associated with depression and anxiety.

While working from home the pressure to hustle round the clock is for sure high. We try and work at any point in time. Without the time to disconnect most of us risk burning out. Especially for people working at the same place they sleep the frontier between work and home is obscured. It required multi-tasking of proper time management, solving of any IT issue on own, wearing a hat of customer service sometimes to skills on invoicing. While makes one feel frayed.

The workforce should be educated well on mental health which is equally important as physical health and proper eating. One can always keep the brain happy with the few adjustments we make. For most of us, it is also the kind of setup and the vibe we create that motivates us to work and in a comfortable way.

So, why not create a space which suits your vibe first and then prepare the schedule for the day which makes it easy in achieving the goals or the targets for the day. The next step is to schedule short breaks and give the eyes, shoulder, and neck a much-needed rest from the screens.

It is very important to move and not stay sedentarily for a long time. Get your heart pumping by staying active at regular intervals. Exercising even for about 20-30 mins is said to lower down the anxiety levels. It helps in boosting the endorphins and serotonin which helps in keeping the brain happy.

Take time to enjoy the wonder of nature. Ecotherapy which is the practice of boosting growth and healing by being in nature is known to treat stress, anxiety, and depression too. By spending time with nature and observing the beauty it helps not only in reducing the stress and anxiety but also distracts the mind from any of the negativity and lessens the worry.

Support to each other is the need of the hour. Take time out to catch up over a call or a video call with your peer group and friends who lift you up. It is important to reach out for help to a therapist or a doctor if you are struggling with depression and anxiety. You’re not alone. If we calm ourselves the storm will pass. Give yourself the permission to unplug and regroup.