Earth Day – A Stern Reminder of Health Connection Between Mankind and Planet.

April 22, is marked as earth day. The theme followed for this year is “RESTORE OUR EARTH “. A special day to bring into limelight the importance of clean air, water, and land which was observed by one of the environmental protection agency 51 years ago. Since then air pollution is linked to climate change and issues of health. With the current situation of the pandemic, many have started to understand the importance of giving their bit to the planet earth. So, now is the time to restore and make it cleaner, greener, and take a path towards sustainability.


Let’s now take a look at some of the steps that an organization can take to make it eco-friendly and save the planet and reduce the carbon footprint. Reducing the usage of paper is one of the primary steps that we can take. Not only is it a saving in terms of money but also because of its inefficiency that they cannot be automated, integrated, and can neither be accessed remotely. The manual process involved with paper slows down the process of business and increases the man-hours and may also involve human error. With the advancement in technology, we use storage through the cloud and electronics. This also saves the space that we utilize in the storage of documents physically. Hence, it’s not only helping in climate control but also cuts down the costs of business.


The cloud and digital technologies can facilitate the move towards restoration and regeneration. With the advancement in technology, one can also consider the option of green computing to save nature. The progress of invention in technology at a faster price has also created rising issues in global warming. This means increasing the earth’s average atmospheric temperature which affects the climate. With green computing in place, the practice of designing, manufacturing, disposing of products from serves to communication systems is done efficiently with very minimal or with no instance of impact on the environment.


Migration to cloud technology is known to reduce the emission of carbon by 59 million tons per year. Alongside this approach, they can also unlatch the benefits financially, and societal too through cloud-based circular operations.


Small steps within the workforce such as a switch from the usage of disposable cups to coffee mugs which can be re-used and carrying a bottle of one’s won to drink water bring about a lot of change and reduces the usage of disposables which is a major contribution. The use of ethical paper instead of regular paper is yet another initiative as it made out of used paper and recycled which reduces the cutting of trees for paper pulp and saving the timber.


A collective initiative of the firm to plant trees is yet another step towards contributing to the combat towards the climate crisis. The covid-19 is a stern reminder of the close connection between the health of us and that of the health of the planet.